Myanmar Associated Office

Myanmar Associated Office
WongPartnership Myanmar Ltd.

No. 1, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road
Business Suite #03-02, Yankin Township
Yangon, Myanmar
T    (+95) 1 544 061 
F    (+95) 1 544 069 

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Eliyana Maria Tanzah, S.H.

Ms. Tanzah holds a Bachelor's Degree (S.H.) from the University of Gajahmada, Yogyakarta. She is a former Justice in the Supreme Court of Indonesia and specializes in the application of the Indonesian Civil Code, the Indonesian Commercial Code and the Indonesian Criminal Code. She has contributed greatly to the Indonesian legal profession and was a part of the team that drafted the Indonesian Bankruptcy Law. 

Ms. Eliyana has been associated with Makes & Partners for more than 5 years now. Apart from providing routine consulting service, she also undertakes training for the Makes team.

I Wayan Nedeng, S.H.

Mr. Nedeng holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (S.H.) from Universitas Negri Jember. He worked for the government as the Head of Registrar's Office of the Central Committee for Settlement of Labor Disputes, then as a Director of Work Requirements, Wages & Salaries, and Social Security. He was also appointed as the Head of Central Committee for the Settlement of Labor Disputes. 

Mr. Wayan continues to contribute to the legal profession by training the young lawyers at Makes & Partners in labor law, manpower law and industrial relations issues.