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Makes & Partners is pleased to announce the opening of its new Dispute Resolution Practice and the appointment of Ms. Prawidha Murti, S.H., as the partner in charge of this new practice

  • 31 May, 2016
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Makes & Partners Takes Pleasure in Announcing New Dispute Resolution Practice and the Partner in Charge

As further enhancement to the range of legal services which we offer, Makes & Partners is most pleased to announce the opening of its new Dispute Resolution Practice. The Dispute Resolution Practice adds to and supplements the award-winning practices which Makes & Partners already has in, among others, Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance & Banking, and Real Estate & Infrastructure. 

The Dispute Resolution Practice is a further milestone in the strategic alliance between Makes & Partners and WongPartnership. WongPartnership is a Pan-Asian law firm with offices in Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Middle East through its own offices and associate law firms, and is recognised as a leading law firm internationally in both the corporate transactional and dispute resolution spheres. In particular, WongPartnership has internationally renowned practices in international arbitration and cross-border disputes, and Makes & Partners will now contribute a new dimension of Indonesian know-how and expertise in dispute resolution to the broad spectrum of services already provided through the strategic alliance.

This means that Makes & Partners, through its association with WongPartnership, will now be able to provide a one-stop service for the full spectrum of your legal needs both in Indonesia and internationally, to be delivered with the same level of proven quality and excellence that Makes & Partners and WongPartnership continually strive for.
In this regard, our firm is proud to welcome Ms. Prawidha Murti, S.H., as the partner spearheading the Makes & Partners Dispute Resolution Practice. Prawidha graduated from University of Indonesia in 2000, and has in-depth experience in handling high-profile commercial disputes in proceedings before the Indonesia civil courts and bankruptcy courts as well as domestic arbitrations in Indonesia. She has also had an extremely strong track record in international disputes, having been intensively involved in international commercial disputes which involve international arbitration as well as various international courts through cross-border litigation. In addition, Prawidha regularly deals with cross-border family law and asset settlement matters, and has also developed a niche in anti monopoly proceeding, having handled various cases at the Indonesian competition supervisory authority (KPPU).